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What money transfers offer online casinos

Money transfer options at are quite limited; transfers are only possible through the Trustly service with online banking identifiers, just like at other free casinos. Therefore, credit card and online wallet options are not available. However, the advantage of the Trustly service is that withdrawals to your own bank account are much faster than at most other online casinos. This is due to the fact that at CasinoChanCasino, the account is opened through online banking credentials. Thus, money transfers are also handled through the same channel. Winnings can be cashed out within 5-15 minutes. Since withdrawals and deposits are free, the absence of service fees is also a definite plus when using online banking credentials. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and the maximum is $5,000 at a time. The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum one-time deposit is $10,000. Money transfer options depending on the state in which you use the casino.

Online casinos on a mobile device

The requirements for mobile devices are well taken care of on the CasinoChanCasino website. On mobile devices, the site is very convenient and works smoothly. The player also does not need to download any separate application, and the casino is accessed through the internet browser of the mobile device. The casino works flawlessly on both iOS and Android operating systems and allows avid gamers to play anywhere. More than half of CasinoChanCasino’s games can be played on mobile devices, and they work on both smartphones and tablets. The smaller selection of games is due to the fact that older casino games don’t work on mobile devices. However, this drawback is compensated for by improved gameplay. The design of the site takes into account the requirements for touchscreens, and playing on mobile devices doesn’t feel stiff or cumbersome at all. Other functions, such as logging in, are also easy to perform on your phone or tablet.


CasinoChanCasino uses Australia’s online casino platform, which has the highest information security. In addition to security, the overall reliability of CasinoChanCasino is top-notch. Glitnir Marketing Ltd, which runs CasinoChanCasino, is registered in Malta. As such, CasinoChanCasino is also licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority, MGA, which oversees the casino. This license can be considered the best security guarantee in the industry and ensures that the casino complies with all laws and regulations regarding online gambling. The money transfer methods also increase reliability, as the Trustly service used by CasinoChanCasino is very secure.

Player feedback on CasinoChanCasino

CasinoChanCasino’s consistent and user-friendly appearance is the first thing that catches a new player’s eye. The games are easy to find in the lobby, and the wide selection ensures that everyone will find their favorite. A growing trend in the industry, that is, the freedom to sign up makes it much easier to start playing. The threshold for joining a new casino is always higher if a new player has to spend time entering a lot of data. By starting to play conveniently using only bank IDs, you’re sure to attract more new customers interested in the place. This, combined with a generous welcome bonus that allows you to try the casino without any financial risk, makes CasinoChanCasino very attractive to the new player.

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