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Visual Studio LightSwitch: Dont Dismiss It

Unlike prior versions, Visual Studio 2012 cannot record and play macros and the macro editor has been removed. This was the first version of Visual Studio to require an NT-based Windows platform. Before that, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro and Visual SourceSafe were sold as separate products. As of November 8, 2021, Visual Studio 2022 is a current production-ready version, and older versions such as 2013 and 2015 are on Extended Support, and 2017 and 2019 on Mainstream Support. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 empowers you to write next-generation applications for any modern …

The QueryOperation building block defines a selection of entities from an EntitySet by specifying filter and ordering expressions. You define a QueryOperation when you create a new query in the LightSwitch designer. The query is implemented in the service tier by its data service. Creating a project in LightSwitch creates a model, which contains a description of the application in terms of building blocks.

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The service tier exposes each data service as a WCF service endpoint. The shape of the service interface corresponds logically to the EntityContainer definition described above. The visual tree is the tree of Silverlight controls that appears on the screen. LightSwitch builds the visual tree dynamically from the screen’s content item tree, employing the Control type specified in the content item. The resulting Silverlight UI element is then bound to the content item to display things such as current value, display name and other child elements.

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When you design a screen, you bind the screen’s data members to modeled queries. At design-time, LightSwitch uses a local SQL Server Express database on the developer’s machine for the intrinsic database. In production, LightSwitch deploys the intrinsic database to Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Azure. If a save operation is successful, the How to Scale a Web Application 8 Best Ways client’s entities get updated with any changes that occurred to that data on the server, including updated key values for newly added entities. The client data service has a single SaveChanges method for sending a change set from the client data service to the corresponding server data service. The results of business rules are observable in the API via the Details property.

SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed (includes Content Update Program)

Unfortunately, this complexity and Microsoft ending support for Silverlight effectively doomed LightSwitch. Easily set and change user data access and authorization, including integration with Active Directory implementations on your network. This offers the benefits of managed code and Visual Studio .NET programming features without having to learn all of it. VS LightSwitch uses extensible application shells to provide users with the familiar feel of popular Microsoft software, significantly reducing the learning curve, training, and your application adoption time. Visual Studio 2010 no longer supports development for Windows Mobile prior to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft originally fielded LightSwitch (which was codenamed “KittyHawk”) back in 2010. Microsoft positioned LightSwitch, at that time, as a tool for non-professional coders to build business apps for the desktop, web, and cloud. Or can You suggest some other example showing how to deploy lightswitch with html-client to azure and enhance the Project with user-Management (e.g. users which can order and users which can maintain the product database. In this article we will create an end-to-end HTML application in Visual Studio LightSwitch. The purpose is to demonstrate how LightSwitch allows you to create professional business applications that would take a developer days to create.

The author of five technical books, Alessandro was awarded MVP of the Year for Visual Basic in 2009 and 2010. In 2013, Microsoft launched “Project Siena,” another tool that was aimed to help non-professional How to Start Learning Computer Programming with Pictures programmers build Windows apps. The move probably won’t surprise many, as Microsoft has been pushing for a while PowerApps as its newest tool for developing line-of-business apps.

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QueryOperations return a selection of entities from an EntitySet or from another QueryOperation. Building blocks have relationships to each other as well, with, for example, screens binding to queries that return entities. In this article we discuss the LightSwitch model-centric approach and the main elements of a LightSwitch model. We’ll also look at the runtime architecture tiers and how they relate to the model.

The next version, version 6.0 , was released in June 1998 and is the last version to run on the Windows 9x platform. Each version of each language in part also settled to v6.0, including Visual J++ which was prior v1.1, and Visual InterDev at the first release. The v6 edition of Microsoft was the core environment for the next four releases to provide programmers with an integrated look-alike platform. This led Microsoft to transition the development on the platform independent .NET Framework. Visual Studio supports 36 different programming languages and allows the code editor and debugger to support nearly any programming language, provided a language-specific service exists.

We can still support older technologies like Silverlight and sites developed with Expression, WebMatrix and LightSwitch. And you know we keep up to date with the latest technologies like ASP.NET Core hosting. We strive to provide a platform where you can confidently run your legacy apps while working on modernizing your development efforts. In 2013, LightSwitch added HTML5 support to be mobile and iPad friendly. There are advantages and limitations to both platforms, as well as differences from traditional .NET applications.

  • Besides his publishing life, he’s a professional photographer, whose work can be found by Googling domingophoto.
  • Microsoft last week announced that it is discontinuing LightSwitch development.
  • Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 also includes Test Impact Analysis which provides hints on which test cases are impacted by modifications to the source code, without actually running the test cases.
  • Entities are also between the client and the service tier, so you write business logic such as validation once and LightSwitch can execute it on both tiers.
  • The logic defined for entities is also used for server-side data validation.
  • Next, we will call the query we created earlier so that we can display the number of Orders for the current user.

The Visual Studio debugger can also create memory dumps as well as load them later for debugging. The debugger can be configured to be launched when an application running outside the Visual Studio environment crashes. Visual Studio supports running multiple instances of the environment . The instances use different registry hives (see MSDN’s definition of the term “registry hive” in the sense used here) to store their configuration state and are differentiated by their AppId . The instances are launched by an AppId-specific .exe that selects the AppId, sets the root hive, and launches the IDE. VSPackages registered for one AppId are integrated with other VSPackages for that AppId.

Functional Programming in C#: How to write better C# code

Visual J++, InterDev, and the MSDN Library had all been using the same ‘environment’, called Developer Studio. Rapid Application Development environments have always been the subject of debate regarding the extent of their usefulness. Microsoft LightSwitch is no exception; many folks think of it as little more than an add-on tool primarily meant for mundane tasks like early application prototyping. If you’ve been ignoring or dismissing LightSwitch as a nice toy with limited use, I strongly suggest you take a deeper look.

  • A normal EntityProperty can store simple data values, or it can be a computed value that is not stored.
  • This service exposes a SaveChanges operation and a set of service operations that correspond to the queryable elements in the EntityContainer .
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003 is the last version to support Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, Windows 2000 versions below SP3 and Windows XP before SP2.
  • Visual Studio 2015 is the last version to support Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows 8.
  • Microsoft LightSwitch is no exception; many folks think of it as little more than an add-on tool primarily meant for mundane tasks like early application prototyping.

In the custom code for that view, the ‘execute’ method for that button is defined as followed (using the right click … In a Lightswitch Desktop Client (C#) application I have a List/Detail screen where I add participants to a class roster. This application has been in use for more than a year and has worked fine but … PowerApps out the gate provides connectors to commonly used apps, such as Google Drive, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce, to name just a few.

It offers a way to build affordable, reliable, and scalable custom solutions with user-friendly views of your data. Visual Studio 2017 offers new features like support for EditorConfig , NGen support, .NET Core and Docker toolset , and Xamarin 4.3 . It also has a XAML Editor, improved IntelliSense, live unit testing, debugging enhancement and better IDE experience and productivity. Additionally, it is the last version of Visual Studio to support maintaining Windows 10 Mobile projects.

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Each data source in the application is modeled as a DataService building block and is implemented as a data service in the service tier. The Screen and EntityType building blocks encapsulate most of the client business logic. LightSwitch animates these building blocks at runtime with a screen object or an entity object. Internally, the LightSwitch client is divided logically into the user interface, client business logic, and data service access. While much can be done declaratively through modeling, coding is still important and LightSwitch provides APIs to do so. The first are APIs for interacting with the runtime, such as to read or write data.

Some of the building blocks are concrete and have direct expression in the design environment such as a screen. Some of the building blocks are more abstract and used only under-the-hood. The runtime also provides numerous extension points, enabling the addition of new controls, data types, visual themes, screen templates and more. What I am missing is a chapter explaining in deatil how to deploy this application to a new azure Website including SQL database and user access Management. I have followed it in your book rather than this blog and if functions as expected when run under Visual Studio.

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