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TOP 7 BEST VALUE OF MINI HANDBAGS TO BUY IN 2021/Louis Vuitton, YSL, Chanel, and Gucci

TOP 7 BEST VALUE OF MINI HANDBAGS TO BUY IN 2021/Louis Vuitton, YSL, Chanel, and Gucci

Hi everyone welcomes back to my blog in Today’s video we’re going to talk about the top seven best value mini handbags to buy. In 2021 in this video, we’re going to talk about their Features. Their price also I will insert some Model shots so without further ado let’s jump into it that seven mini handbags. I have six of them so, the first one I picked is from Louis Vuitton. And that is the Louis Vuitton Alma BB in the Dimer been the reason I picked this one because this one has the best price tag Louis Vuitton.

Keeper increased the price of mini handbags and this one’s still

Keeper increased the price and this one’s still. Under 1500 and very soon you cannot find any mini Handbags that under 1500 from Louis Vuitton so if you haven’t purchased this one I highly recommend it. To add this one into your collection this one also comes with a leather version but among those Materials. I think the canvas is the best value to Buy because for some reason the canvas.

The leather version of mini handbags

That has a very good resale value compared with the Leather version. I don’t know why this one is a damper been and as you can see the handle. Full treated leather and the bottom also has the leather this one has the four feet it comes. With the removable strap, the interior is red. Beautiful fabric back there also has the back Pocket this bag can fit all your essentials. This bag also you can wear as a day’s bag Or weekend bag on the even occasional bag it


Is a very classic piece from Louis Vuitton?


This is the first one that I highly recommend. The second piece that I think is the best Value is the Nano speedy. Currently, I know Nano Speedy is very popular it’s very hard to get it. The price tag of mini handbags is also very decent it’s 1180. It looks very tiny but actually, it can fit a lot of things basically it can fit all your essentials. OH, it comes with the unresolvable strap the strap a Little bit long but you can wear it as a crossbody. So this is the second bag that I recommend that I think is the best value moving on next fashion House. That I picked is the isle Saint Laurent the first one is one this is the isle mini lulu Bag.


The one I have is the dark beige with the Gold hardware and it has the chevron print Back. doesn’t have a pocket button doesn’t have Feet. this one also comes with a removable strap. This strap is a little bit longer but you can wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody. This one you also can wear as a handhold like a clutch Interior of fabric and the batter has one zip pocket.


The middle there has one divider this side also has a three-credit slot

It can fit all your essentials it definitely can fit your cell phone. The leather is one hundred Percent calfskin leather. It is very soft but it also has the structure currently this price. I think the isle has a very expensive Handbag and consider their other handbag.

According to my think, this price tag is more reasonable. I think it is the best value among the other Handbag. So the next bag from the isle is the isle Mini Lou camera bag. as you can see this of grained calfskin. It’s very durable. and that comes with the gold hardware this bag has the unresolvable strap back there has a back pocket Button that doesn’t have feet.

It has the zipper closure so it’s pretty safe but it also comes with the tassel interior is the full leather line. And the back there has the three credit cards Bar. And this one currently prices the same as the Mini lulu bag as a 1290 and yet the aisle they Always have a sale. I do not pay full price for mini handbags I did get a discount on this one for Me. feels a little bit small but this one is more like an occasional bag.  can not reach that Very often because I do not really like last year.

I don’t really go anywhere so hopefully you know in this year I will reach out more for this mini handbag. we feel this is a very formal handbag very classic. So I don’t use it as an everyday bag more likely. it’s The occasional bag but since the price tag better Itself the leather durable. I think this is the Best Value of the mini handbag so the next one.

They already increased at 950


This mini handbag you can Wear many ways you can wear shoulder bag crossbody. As a clutch and also you can wear it as a belt bag. And it’s very very versatile because the leather is very soft so you actually can fit a lot. Especially you can fit your cell phone that’s the best feature so this one definitely wonderful Fast value. It’s come with a removable Chain so this chain you can make a shorter.

Also, you can take off the chain from the back so you can use it as a wallet as a clutch. It is very versatile and it’s a good price point. I know Gucci doesn’t have a good resale value. but this one still okay you’re Not Going to lose half of the money they also have a cell you Know on the website such as like rubella. they always have sales so you also can check out that Website to get a discount and instead of paying.

The retail price so this is a wonderful piece that I highly recommended from the fashion house. Now come to the two last handbags that I picked from Channel so the first one I recommend it of course.

Is the channel cocoa handle in the mini handbag size?


Now I think that they call it a small size so the one I have you can see this is the caviar Leather with the gold hardware. It has the top Handle that has a pocket bottom has a feet Interior is the fabric interior Back there has the one zipper pocket Middle. there has a slipper pocket. and the Front has a big compartment this compartment Can fit the mini process.

Basically, you can fit all your essentials that cell phone also can go in without any problem. They also come with, I think They’re even smaller than this version which I don’t have. I don’t think I will purchase it Because you cannot even fit the cell phone. And then this one currently prices the just increased two hundred dollars right now. It’s three thousand nine hundred dollars so compared with the other classical handbag this one is still. In the good price point so that’s why this is the best value and the resale value is very high.  so You don’t need to worry about you’re never able to Sell your channel bag.

This one also comes with a removable strap yet this strap is a little bit shorter.

one also comes with a removable strap yet this strap is a little bit shorter. So you can wear this one most likely as a handhold or shoulder bag that’s why I love this bag so much. And this is definitely the Best value of the mini handbag if you still have a chance to get it. Get it before their next increase

This is the one I picked from the channel so the last one I picked is the channel reissue. In the mini size the reason I picked instead of the channel mini rectangle or channel mini square. Because the channel mini reissue has a more durable Leather than the channel mini rectangle. Right now channel doesn’t come out the caviar leather Anymore everything comes out as the lambskin.

I’m still afraid of the lambskin I’d rather Get this aged calfskin it’s more durable.

I’m still afraid of the lambskin I’d rather Get this aged calfskin it’s more durable. The feature of this one as you can see it comes With gold hardware with a gold chain. this Chain you can double chain or you can wear as a Single so this one you can wear as a shoulder bag Body.  and also you can wear as you know clutch. It’s a full leather lining the fact that has the Zipper pocket and also bigger compartment This one it can fit all your essentials.

Even though the channel handbag most likely you’re going to use as an occasional bag. But if you want to wear a mini handbag it as an everyday bag this will also work out. Because it can fit a lot the leather is very soft you can squeeze a lot of stuff. So this one they just increased it to 4000. I know it’s very expensive of the amount of the Channel classic flap. This one considered is still in the good price tag. so that’s why I highly recommend it so that’s it that’s all about Today’s video. I hope you guys enjoy it and I will see you very soon have a wonderful day bye-bye.

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