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Tear Catcher Shop – Tear Catchers Made with Love in the USA

Tear Catcher Shop – Tear Catchers Made with Love in the USA

About Our Tear Catchers

Tear catchers shop is little holders make of glass, stone, or earthenware that are utilize to gather the tears of grievers. They are generally mold like a tear with a long neck. Most tear catchers made today are produced using glass and are molded like an adjusted jar with a restricted neck and have enhancing elements like an example around the neck or handles on one or the other side. Tear catchers are otherwise called tear bottles, tear vials, or lachrymatory vials.

The utilization of tear catchers has been followed back to in old Greece and Rome where they were utilized to gather the tear catcher shop of grievers. The friends and family of a depart individual would gather their attacks in a little porcelain bottle and these containers were much of the time covered with the depart so they could have the tears of their friends and family with them while going into everlasting rest or demise. Instances of antiquated Greek and Roman “lacrimal jars” have to find in burial chambers and entombment destinations during archeological campaigns.

What Are Victorian Tear Catchers shop?

A tear catcher is generally sufficiently little to squeeze into one hand. They can be plain or luxurious, contingent upon the way of life they come from and how they are utilizing. During the Victorian era, they were prominent brightening, extravagant, though present-day plans will generally be less complex, sleeker, and more aesthetic. As the act of tear getting became well known again during the 1800s, tear vials were frequently makes for rich or upper working-class families from costly materials like silver or gold. They were typically keep in plain view in the home or given as gifts to companions or family members who had unfortunately lost a friend or family member. They were particularly famous as gifts for spouses who had lost their husbands or moms whose kids or grandkids had kicked the bucket youthful (which was a significantly more typical event at that point).


Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that during the American Civil War of the 1800s, the spouses of Union troopers who headed out to battle in the conflict would sob tears of distress into little glass vials assuming they heard the news that their significant other had fallen the in a fig. These accounts have never be confirms, however in any case the training persevere in America into the twentieth century.


The act of gathering one’s attacks a jug as an approach to grieving and communicating love for a friend or family member who has died proceeds right up ’til now. Tear catchers have encountered one more recovery in ubiquity in the 21st 100 years and today are a famous and remarkable approach to recalling those extraordinary individuals who contacted our lives and made life so significant.


About the Tear Catcher Bot,  tiles We Have For Sale

Our tear catchers are hand-made in the USA with hand-blown glass by talencraftsmenmans who are profoundly energetic about their work. We have an assortment of lovely tear catcher bottles in various plans, including Victorian, Roman, and contemporary plans. We likewise have various plans for explicit purposes, like the passing of a life partner, c, child or p,  et.


Since each tear catcher shop are makes manually everyone is remarkable, similarly as every individual is interesting. Each exceptionally talented glass blower trains for quite a long time to turn into an expert specialist in the old and wonderful specialty of creating delightful dish sets. We’re sure that you’ll adore our flawless tear vials. We’re sure to such an extent that you will have Ee we have-day-day unconditional promise on the entirety of our item that you’re not 100 percent happy with your buy-in something like 30 days, you can return your buy for a full discount! We stand behind the entirety of our items and are exceptionally glad for the delightful things we offer.

We additionally now offer a broad determination of matching wooden, silver, gold, and pewter bases of various sizes, as well as glass arches with wooden bases for showing our ravishing tear vials in your home or office. The total arrangement of a tear catcher bottle and a matching base inside a glass vault looks staggering on any table, work area, rack, or elsewhere you decide to put it.

A portion of our Victorian tear catcher bottles is currently at a bargain! Investigate our full choice to see what offers are at present accessible.


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