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Puma Velocity Nitro Running Shoe Review

Puma Velocity Nitro Running Shoe Review

Hey guys my name is Adnan Shahzad. In today’s article a special edition I’m going to be reviewing the puma velocity nitro running shoe. Now, this is this shoe is part of puma’s uh performance running shoe. I’ll tell you why now I tested this shoe at various distances. anywhere from 155, 10, 15, and a half marathon.

All that mileage one of the best shoes is running the foaming the midsole is an important part of the shoe. Now the material here puma developed this material called puma velocity nitro.

Puma Velocity Nitro
Puma Velocity Nitro Running Shoe Review

Which is puma velocity nitro gas infused?

Now it gives you three benefits:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Cushioning
  3. Extreme lightweight

Oops, extreme lightweight. Now it does have a linear look a tubular look but that’s not a bad thing at all one thing. What I like about the shoe it gives you the right amount of padding.

When you lace it up and lock it in your foot or the midsole of your foot feels locked. and there’s no play and at the front, it allows you to toe space. You don’t get that cramped up dose at the front it. Actually gives you space in your toes making it comfortable on your runs. Whether it be short or long distance.

Now let me compare that to another set of shoes that I use before this in my short runs. I was using an Adidas. Not a bad shoe at all but I only use this shoe between distances up to 8k 90. Sorry, not a bad shoe. The only thing about this shoe and I don’t like the traction outer sole. This is not as great you don’t get that all-terrain traction that grips that aggressiveness.

Puma Velocity Nitro
Puma Velocity Nitro Running Shoe Review


When you make contact with the ground other than the midsole

The cushioning is not as good in this one the liner is really thin the cushioning is not as good. So that’s why I only use this for short distances quick speeds. stay off my foot a lot and when I finish I’m done. I wish that the shoe had a better cushioning to make my runs that more comfortable but short runs this one. Now if I’m going to do any long-distance runs anything from 10 all the way up to a marathon distance would use my hookahs.


Wow, smoke guys don’t know, people say this but now this gives you the right response of this when you make contact with the ground. and you can see it allows you to know land on your forefront and then you know have that quick responsiveness and with every septum.

Features of the puma velocity nitro shoe

So it is comfy on your long-distance runs as you can see look at the amount of cushioning that hook gives you only bat two bad things. What I don’t like about this shoe is the flimsiness here this material. You can see it doesn’t give mum the right amounts the right amount of support. I need as well as the padding as you can see my ankle support there’s barely any padding. here now if you look at the if you move up to the forefront of where the midfoot would be when you lock it in there’s still going to play in your foot.

Now if you were to transition from you know a nice paved road onto rough terrain. You know it is easy to roll your ankle rights now at the front it does allow your toe space. But yet still the material does not provide the right amount of protection that your foot needs. It doesn’t meet the need of a runner

When it comes to that foot protection tome you know for my long distances on a nice paved surface. It’s great not a problem but if I was to go into rough terrain would have I would have to lower my speed. Then be careful and then watch what I said because the last thing means is to roll my ankle. It doesn’t allow me the confidence to run rough terrain with these shoes.

So I need to be careful

I really do hope that hulk does improve on this shoe and uh stiffen this material to support the runner’s foot. As you can see another thing that I don’t like is the flat surface. As you can see the outer shoulder doesn’t have that traction. as soon as you make contact with the ground right now imagine wet conditions. Whether it bayou knows wet snow on the ground or if it’s been raining you know. It’s easy if you’re going into top speed up it’s easy to slip you know or not be able to stop in time.

It’s easy so it doesn’t give you that right it’s really flat now those are a couple of you know things. What are negative about this shoe and this one now let’s compare it with puma velocity natural. Then why I think this is puma did a great job in designing and developing doing the research. When they built this shoe okay because it meets the needs of the runner both female and male. Here now as you can see puma developed this outsole material also grip. here called the puma grip and it is fantastic, and as soon as you make contact with the ground the grip is so aggressive.

You will notice right apart from the cushioning the responsiveness

That the shoe is going to give youth grip is fantastic. You can run in any weather conditions you’re going to get in all traction with this shoe. This is this durable rubber compound is one of the best things that puma has developed right this is an all traction shoe. This material and so you can run this sunny day wet days. if there’s wet snow on the ground and you’re going to get that traction on your foot. you as a runner are going to feel confident running in the shoat any distance. Okay, so another thing another benefit to this shoe for you. Runners is that as you can see here puma developed or added these reflectors onto the shoe.

These reflectors are going to help?

What makes you the runner visible if you’re an early runner even your night runner you will be visible. These reflectors are going to help? Okay, another exciting part to the shoe is this fresh neon red look I mean I like puma velocity nitro actually like it a lot looks good it goes well with my gear. You know what I have to say it is also light compared to these other shoes that have mentioned.


Wow, this is extremely light right making your runs effortless that much better and comfortable. Now, this shoe goes for 120 it’s going to be released this year 2021. Dummy only negative is why is it that their 2021 running shoe line they all look the same don’t either way boomer. You did really great job designing this shoe, okay um I recommend it. I’m going to wear it and I’m going to continue wearing it. And when it comes out you guys you know for a lot of you runners thesis going to be a game-changer. okay, the boom is back better than ever.

Thank You!

Now guys I do thank you for reading this review. hope you guys like it you know send me some comments. Let me know what you think Near future. I will be doing more reviews on running shoes like this one. Okay, guys, my name is Adnan, I hope you guys enjoyed your selves have a great day take care.

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