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12 BEST Budget Accessories for Men | Women

I didn’t become a girl after wearing Jewellery! Because no one becomes a girl if he wears Jewellery But there are some rules. What’s up Bro, Welcome and Welcome Back to Optical Center. I’m Adnan Shahzad and Today’s Blog is going to be Men’s Accessories Guide. Men’s Accessories mean Rings, Watches, Bracelets, Chains, and Neck. So, if you’ve never worn any Accessories before this, or if you want to wear them, or also wear them but don’t know exactly. how to wear without looking a little weird then this blog is definitely for you. Watch it very carefully and there is a Giveaway Question hidden in the blog too. So watch it very carefully till the end. And to Be Your Best in Looks and Personality. SUBSCRIBE now for 3 new blogs every week. yes, don’t forget to turn the Notifications ON. I know that you want to see the Styling of Jewellery. you want to listen to the rules and know the Brands where you can find the best Jewellery. I’ll tell you everything in this blog Everything!
please listen to my this advice first that wearing Accessories

But please listen to this advice first that wearing Jewellery. doesn’t define your Masculinity. Many people think that if they wear Jewellery like Rings, Chains, etc. then people will say “Oh look! There comes a Girl!” No one thinks that if you wear Accessories and feel confident. You think that in ancient times, when there were Kings and Queens, then how much Jewellery the Kings used to wear. but he still was King. He didn’t become Queen. Right? Guys, 2022 has arrived. Just leave your conventional and rude opinions about Masculinity. And if I give you my Example if you think that I don’t look Masculine if I wear Earrings and all,

Then what’s the meaning of Masculine here?
Masculinity means that feature in a guy who is most liked by girls. Right? So, I can definitely confirm to you that I get most of the compliments on my Jewellery from girls only. So now is it clear that you’ll look good after wearing Accessories? Whatever Outfit you’ve worn will get beautified for sure. This Means Jewellery can take a basic outfit to the next level. But you can’t wear any Random Jewellery. There is a Set of Jewellery. You wear a specific type of Accessories on the whole body like Beaded. which means in which there are Beads which are called Pearls as well.

Types of Accessories
There can be Metallic Accessories like Silver Accessories. I’m talking about Silver color, it can be of actual Silver as well it can be of Copper, Stainless Steel, etc. as well. Similarly, there is Gold in Metallic as well One more type is Leather Type. like the strap of your Watch is a part of your Accessories and Leather Bracelets are also considered. One more type of Jewellery is Silicon Type Jewellery. But what’s the appropriate type for you from all these types depends on the Outfit. which you’re going to wear in your Style. like what Style you have. Suppose you wear Formals only like Shirts and all.

you’ll wear some shiny Metallic type Accessories
Then you won’t wear any highlighted Accessories. you’ll be wearing some minimal Jewellery Or suppose you’re in Hardcore Street Style. then you’ll wear some shiny Metallic type Accessories. suppose you wear Casuals like Slim Fit T-shirts. and a shirt underneath for layering then you can wear some Beaded type Accessories. So, there are different Accessories for different Styles. Now how much highlighted that Jewellery is that depends on your level of Edginess means. how much a pro Player you are? so if you have more confidence you are a kind of player and you can confidently pull off in front of people.


Then you can carry sophisticated Accessories Pieces like Heavy Rings and Earrings. Now if I personally tell you, I’m able to carry a lot of Jewellery. I wear Earrings usually as well because now. I’ve become a kind of Fashion YouTuber when I go outside, People know that I’m Fashion YouTuber So, so I’m able to wear it. But if you want to keep it basic, then you can do that too, I’ll tell you further how you can wear Accessories. But let’s know some Rules first.

The first rule, if you’re just starting wearing Accessories
The first rule, if you’re just starting wearing Accessories. then wear only one type of Jewellery Everywhere. This means if you’re wearing Silver colored Metal, your Rings, Bracelets, Chain, Watch, everything should be Silver. If one is Gold then the rest should be Gold. And if you’re about to wear some Beaded Jewellery, then wear that on your Neck and in your Hands too. Now here, a little mixing is also fine many people even mix Gold and Silver too but that is very advanced. Next, a very important Rule is, that less is More See while increasing the number of Accessories while wearing it.

Then there will come a point where your Accessories

Then there will come a point where your Accessories will be highlighted most in your Outfit you don’t have to do that. Because we want that one thing shouldn’t be highlighted. separately we want that everything in the Outfit should coordinate perfectly. I’m not saying that you wear only Plain things for that. I want to say, you wear any special Ring or Pendant sometimes. That all is fine But don’t get crazy over it. you don’t have to become Salman Khan. So now, let’s listen to some specific Rules for Rings to Rings that have come into Fashion very recently. Many People have started wearing Rings from 2017-18 and the Ring is a very cool way to Accessorize.

Unlike other Countries, Rings are not specifically for Girls apparently
Unlike other Countries, Rings are not specifically for Girls apparently. Because many famous and rich men wear Rings for Vast and all and actually those Rings look cool. They’re called Signet Rings by the way. If you’re starting to buy Rings, then go with basic Geometric shapes means the Rings with Bands, start with those. Now again, that depends on your Style and Vibe whether you’re buying Silver, Black or Gold color. But those Rings on which there are Skulls, Dragons, Witches. whatever is made I’ll say don’t opt for them for now Buy 1 or 2 maximum. if you want those Rings to have to be worn very that part will come in the blog where I’ll tell you how to wear them.

One important Rule of the Rings
One important Rule of Rings is that wearing more than 3 Rings in a hand is a little Risky. means it is the way usually opted by Fashion. Influencers So, I’ll prefer wearing 2 or a maximum 3 in one hand, not even 3. just wear a maximum of 2 Rings, and keeping some Gap between them means don’t wear Rings on adjacent Fingers. There should be a Gap of one Finger in both the Ring carrying Fingers. It helps your Rings to look Spread out your whole hand looks covered with Accessories. And the difference in the number of Rings in both hands should be 1 means in one hand. there should be only 1 more or 1 less Ring than another.

That again helps to distribute the Accessories appropriately

That again helps to distribute the Accessories appropriately on the whole body. And never buy Accessories especially Rings of bad Quality if it’d be of any bad material. it will leave a green mark on your Fingers By the way, which type of Rings do you like? Plain or Skull, Dragon-type?
Tell me in the comments, this is the Giveaway Question Next come to Bracelet Rules. Bracelet is an Accessory you wear on your Wrist. Your Wrist Bracelet depends on your Style very much because Bracelets are available in many different styles. your Bracelet can be of Beads Bracelet can be of Chain and Cuff too

Silicon Bracelets can also be there Just remember that your Bracelet
Silicon Bracelets can also be there Just remember that your Bracelet shouldn’t be much loose. Please don’t buy that Salman Khan Style Bracelet. You’ll look cheap, Yo-Yo boy You have to improve the Street Style, not the Gully Style. No Offence to Sally Bhai Fans but please No! Next, Let’s come to the Rules of Chains and Pendants. now The best thing about Bracelets is they balance the Accessories of your hands. because there will be a Watch on one of your hands so if there will be Bracelet on other hand then it’ll be balanced. Now you’d be thinking that I haven’t worn

Next, Let’s come to the Rules of Pendants and Chains Pendants
Because I just came to shoot this Speaking part so I didn’t wear many Accessories but they are in B-roll. No! You’re lying! Next, Let’s come to the Rules of Pendants. Chains Pendants and Chains are Accessories which you wear on your Neck First thing. just see it here, if you’ve worn a Henley Type Shirt or Kurta. then you don’t have to wear a Chain with Pendant. You can do it like wearing a Plain Chain with its Round part visible. don’t wear very thick Pendants and Chains Again. it will make you look like a Cheap, Yo-Yo boy So wear a thinner one, it looks much Classier!

just look good in Punjabi Music blogs

Thicker ones, chunky, Yo-Yo types, Believe me, these all just look good in Punjabi Music blogs. If you want more volume here, then try Stacking. wear the Chains one on the other Like there is Layering in Clothes. Stacking is there in Chains like wear one Small Chain. one Long Chain and there is Pendant on one of them. This is a very cool Style for wearing Chains Or you can just keep the Plain Chains while Stacking. Just remember that there should be a visible difference between the lengths of both. please remember that length of Chains mattes a lot. If you’re buying an 18-20 inch Chain,

Then it’ll just reach the upper area of your chest

Then it’ll just reach the upper area of your chest. If you’re buying a 22-24 inch Chain, then it’ll reach the middle area of your chest. if longer than that, it’ll look like Hermit’s Chain or Wedding Garland. And if smaller than that, means 16-14 inches, then it’ll look like a Choker. Next, let’s come to the Rules of wearing Earrings. Earring is the most Tricky and difficult Accessories Piece for men to carry. I’m telling you firstly, That stud earring. which has just one Diamond, its fashion has totally been dead Please never wear it. you’ll look cheap, Yo-Yo boy Nowadays, the Earrings which are most in Fashion.

They are Hoop Earrings A circle will be passing through the ear

They are Hoop Earrings A circle will be passing through the ear. something will be hanging on that circle For Earrings. I’ll prefer only Black color or Silver colors. You should wear only these two colors Rest of the others look a little more highlighted And ruin the balance of the face. And earrings are such a thing, many people would be afraid that if they wear Earrings. they’ll look Feminine First of all, you shouldn’t be afraid of looking Feminine. But anyway, we’ll discuss it some other time Like even if I wear that Hanging Earring. my mom also doesn’t like it and asks me what I’ve worn

So, I just tell her that I don’t wear it to show her

So, I just tell her that I don’t wear it to show her. And if you’re afraid of your parents, then keep those Earrings in your pocket. while leaving home and wear it when you reach the place where you’re going And let me tell you this too. whenever I wear my Earrings, I get so many Compliments for that, and that too from Girls. So now, let’s come to the Best Combinations to wear Accessories. First, one is Level 0 means a starter pack for any basic Outfit or actually for any Outfit. One Simple Silver colored Chain One Simple Ring means that Band type of Ring.

one Simple Silver colored Watch This was the most Basic Level

one Simple Silver-colored Watch This was the most Basic Level. My Ring in this is of pure Silver. Now why I’ve taken the Silver one. I would’ve taken Stainless Steel too. But I wanted to take the Shiny metal of Good Quality You can take Stainless Steel one if you want. And my Neck Chain is not of Silver. This one is a little expensive, it’s of Platinum which I bought from my first salary If that’s not in your budget. then you don’t buy it. But I always prefer it, especially if you’re getting a gift from your home. then you can definitely invest in metals like Platinum.


But I know so many people don’t have that much Budget it costs up to 30-50k. I bought it just once because it was my first salary. I wanted to invest it rather than spending it on useless things. my Watch is the one that I showed in the Budget Watches blog. Super watch worth ₹2000 If you want to level up in this only, then you can put a Pendant in your Chain. you can add a Statement Ring too or you can add a Bracelet too. So we just added some extra Elements in all the Accessories Now if you want to level it up further.

Then you can Stack the chains

Then you can Stack the chains. which I told just some minutes ago one of them should’ve Pendant. one shouldn’t have Rings too can be increased to 4 means 2 Rings on both Hands and along with, add one more Bracelet. Or if you want to make it Street Style or Trendy, then while Stacking the Chains, add some Crazy Pendant to it. you can add the Chunky, detailed Rings with more character too. You can keep the Dangling Earrings too means those which are hanging With all these things. your Accessories will reach to Next Level But one more thing which I forgot to mention in Rules.

If you’re wearing this much amount Accessories

If you’re wearing this much amount Accessories. then keep the other Clothes Plain like I’ve worn all the Accessories on a Plain Black T-Shirt. Now I’m not telling you to wear this many Accessories I’m just telling you to select any one level from all these levels Now. my Plain Rings are Sterling Silver I ordered them from Amazon I’ll give the link below. I got my Special Rings from Clocks & Colors Brand which is a Brand in the US. All the Links to all the Watches are already there in the Budget Watches blog. I told you the principle of Necklaces and Chains earlier as well.

I suggest buying at least one Sterling Silver Plain Chain
I suggest buying at least one Sterling Silver Plain Chain and then ordering the Pendants from Amazon. put them in it according to your Style And Bracelets are also from some small brands on Amazon. You can see their Links too from the Description Suppose your Style is a little Classic Men’s wear. Type means you wear Shirt and Chinos then your Watch should be with Leather Strap or it can be Fabric Strap too. your Bracelets should be of Beads and what kind of Necklace would you wear on Collar Shirts. instead of Men’s wear, you have a Formal Style, which means if you wear a Shirt, Pants, Shoes, etc.

Then definitely your Accessories should be of Leather and Metal

Then definitely your Accessories should be of Leather and Metal. so Watch too with Leather and Metal. Your Bracelet too of Leather and Metal And Rings of only Metal. they obviously can’t be of Leather but wear fewer Rings in Formal Similarly. if you’re wearing some Resort-wear type something, or if you’re doing Soft Boy Aesthetic. which is some special Styles then according to me. Beaded is the Best means those Necklaces. Bracelets with Pearls and light thin Watches and some light Rings Now if you have a Daily College type vibe.

if you’re are Sportsperson or Athlete or if you’ve Sporty Vibe

if you’re are Sportsperson or Athlete or if you’ve Sporty Vibe. then the Best Material for the Accessories is Silicon you can get Bracelets of Silicon in form of Bands. you can get the Rings of Silicon too those Silicon Rings are very beneficial. because they’re available in different colors as well as they are very comfortable too. I’ll definitely give their Links in the Description below Talking about their Brands. there are different Brands which are good I’ll already provide most of the Links in Description. but some Brands which you can Checkout from somewhere else too Yellow Chimes is very nice for Rings, etc.
For Necklace, Chains, Pendants, etc

For Necklace, Chains, Pendants, etc., according to me. you should invest in a Silver Plain Chain for sure. because it will last life long and its rate won’t decrease. Silver’s rate is almost the same as Titan, Timex, and Casio is the best Brands in Budget for Watches. that’s it. I hope that now you look very Sexy in Accessories. Let’s come to this blog’s Giveaway As soon as this blog completes 5000 Likes. I’ll Giveaway one Online Shopping Voucher worth $2000/- to one Lucky Subscriber All the Details are on Screen.

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