Our journey began in 2018

About us Our team journey started just over 2 years ago.  we were working 20 hours a week for eStore and doing studying as a master level .  What started as an idea to be able to work from home, we promptly announced we wanted to leave our stable government job and try this online business for real.

It has been a bit of a wild ride this business thing.  Looking back we jumped in boots and all, not really knowing anything about running a business.  It was a brave leap of faith, and just like a sponge we soaked up all the knowledge we could. we read. we researched.  we gave things a go.  we made my share of mistakes, some little ones… and some not so little ones.  we learnt about employing staff by trial and error,  we learnt about software by getting in and giving it a go, and we learnt about people, and that is what this business is all about.

A perfect fit for your every day life

Designed to be versatile

We know how difficult it is to find all your favorite beauty product that too all under one roof. Well, it was up till now.
Make over is now just a click away. Not only you’ll be able to by all your favorite beauty products online at your own convenience, but also you’ll be buying them at the best of the prices.
We know your heart just went Ahh. And your pockets and feet went Aaahhhh!

our passion is to help people succeed, in business and in life.  We love to walk the road with our clients, holding their hand through their own business journey.   Successful business creates successful economies and it is such a privileged to assist and support those in writing their own business story.